Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mom Worries of the Senior Kind

I've been following Fillup Munkee across the country. He is my daughter's hand puppet. She is making videos of all the web friends she has made since being on the internet blog world. As her mom I of course worry about all kinds of things. Her dad worries even more. His favorite saying this past week has been that girl ( she is actually a woman by now) will be the death of me until she gets back home. I sure hope that's not true for either of them. Although sometimes I feel like putting him out of his misery so I would be out of mine for listening to him.

The rain has been so on going I haven't been able to have but one water exercise class. It has also made little league baseball games and softball games last twice as long as normal. Today there are no games and the family plans a trip to a local lake for just fun and relaxation.

I am getting the urge to paint. I think I may get out the water colors.

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