Monday, September 9, 2013


I have been trying out other blog sites. Wordpress is not working for me. It is too complicated. Now I see Blogger is getting more complicated. It took me forever to get this far here.
Technology is getting away from me. Maybe I am not suppose to blog. I have always kept a journal of sorts and thought this would be a better way to keep track of my thoughts and memories.
I think I may just go to Google Docs and use that as a journal. So far, since Xanga died I have been floundering. I have a tweeter, facebook, google+, wordpress, and blogger. I use the facebook to see photos of family and friends and use as email to the daughters. All the rest are just waiting for me to figure it out. I think maybe I am trying too many places at once. I will try to focus on just one. I have no followers and really don't want to combine my FB with any blog. I would rather like to meet new people with similar interests and of course some family.
Today starts my tai chi classes. I had 10 people last year start and ended up with 6. I know one will be back but not able to make the first week. I doubt if I will have any new people this year. That's fine because we have formed a good group. There is always one exception it seems and we do have one. The one thing is she is not always there so it's not to bad of a situation. Keeping a positive outlook is hard for some and it is up to me to set a positive example.
Enough for one morning. Off for more coffee and work cross word puzzles.