Friday, June 20, 2008


It's the first day of summer and a little cooler than the usual first day. All is well with us and our off spring so far.
I am looking forward to bringing the grand kids over now that baseball will be over this next week. Emma has her game under Lights on Sat. and it will be the only game of hers we will have seen this year. It is her last year at T ball. Gabe has improved so much in Pups league. They will have tourneys for a few weeks in July.

Lila will be 2 the end of July and she has turned into the mommy's girl. For the first time this past week she shied away from me when Julie brought her into the house. It kind of made me sad. I know it's just a phase and she will get over it as she grows and continues to see us regularly. It only took her about a minute to climb into my lap, so I guess that's ok.

Gabe has turned into the big boy. Oma's only get hugs and kisses upon arrival and departure. Boys are just to busy for girly stuff. And he lost his first front tooth this week. How much moolah does the tooth fairy leave now????

Today is garage sale day. I am looking for treasures for kids and me! Nothing will top the coach purse find from last year. I got it for 25 cents and then found a quarter inside when I got home!!