Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend With Lila

The family needed a mini vacation befor school started but Kings Island and a Reds game is just not what a 2 year old would enjoy. So oma & poppie's house was the best place for her. I am attempting to put in some pictures for Marci & Deb.
I can't seem to get the hang of this blogger site.
Anyway, the pictures are in the first blog which I couldn't figure out how to add the text. Then I found the edit button/list and am adding this post to go along with the first it???? Oh well, I hope you two enjoy seeing how big she is now. It was her first weekend away from family and Fri nite was the worst. She didn't have her binky for bed and she wanted mommie all night.
Poppie made a run to the all night Meijer's for binkys and she finally got to sleep around 3AM.
Sat. night was better, only one wake up for mommy.
Sunday when they arrived back she was screaming and hugging them all at once. Mommy and Emma came in first and she was hugging and jumping. Then daddy came in the back door and a look and run to jump into his arms with screams of daddy daddy!
When poppie brought in a sleeping Gabe she went to the sofa and tried to hug him as he lay waking up.
IT was a touching scene and a great weekend for all of us.

Week end with Lila

Friday, August 1, 2008

August 1 2008

This is a happy 2 year old. I am only posting it here because the mom doesn't want kids photos on the net. Marci see how she's grown! I would love to share more pictures but alas I must abide by daughter's wishes. This will help me learn to delete I hope! Since the mom doesn't come to this site( I am hoping) I will leave it up for only a day or two. Then take it out.

Still no rain here so I hope it comes today since I will have grandkids tomorrow and want to take them to the pool.