Friday, February 29, 2008

Other bloggers

It seems many people I know have a blogger site. They haven't been here because they can't find me! LOL I of course can't find them since I don't know their blogger site. This is a learning clurve for me so I am going to keep on plugging away until I figure out some of this stuff. I may add a picture now.
Hey! that's me! Picture taken by grandgirl Emma.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happiness at seeing others happiness

I just finished reading my niece's blog here. She has a wonderful talent with a camera and has posted some great pictures of her family. She also writes beautifully. These things about her I learned just in the last 9 years. When her daughter was born I saw the photos she took of her and was so impressed.

I have been having some weird kind of emotions lately and I just can't seem to bring myself to make them public even to the husband. Since this is just a me kind of thing here I am going to try to spell it out.

My eyes want to cry all the time. It's really a strange feeling. I am not a crier as a rule and am considered the strong one in the family. Now I am also the oldest one in the family making it even harder for me to get out of that mold. There seems to be no reason for the weeps to come upon me. It is just out of ther clear blue sky.

I dreamed of my youngest last night and was unsure what it was all about. Usually I can relate the dreams back to what I have done, seen, or heard the day or two before. Also, since I read a lot some of the story lines end up in my dreams. All accountable but this dream was different. I really don't know why I was dreaming of her now.

I have cast my vote for the primary and am hoping my candidate will win. I guess we all want that.
It's time for my meds and food so until another day. peace and love be with you.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My First Entry

This is the first time I have actually set up a blog on my own. I'm not to sure what I'll be writing or putting in. It's pretty early in the morning and it's snowing here. Now I sound like a weather reporter.
A little about me: I'm a mom and grandmom. My grandkids call me Oma, which is German for grandma. It started because my first grandson had 3 sets of grandparents and 2 sets of great grandparents. Thus because its easy to say and different I became Oma.