Sunday, June 28, 2009


Summer has arrived and pool fun has begun. I am teaching a seniors water aerobics class on Mondays and Thursdays. It is fun but I had to start working out early because I didn't want to be the teacher that "couldn't"! I still have tai chi on Wed. morning.

The flower beds have not been done yet because the landscape timbers have not been replaced. I started the process to have mine and my neighbors replaced due to their disrepair through the years. 11 to be exact. I just got an email from the B&G chair saying they would be done by July 4. I am not holding my breath.

Garage sales have been somewhat successful. I got a hedge trimmer for $2.00 for son-in-law. Haven't found a trombone yet. Or golf clubs for tall guy. I think I'll try Craigs list soon.

I have enjoyed seeing my sister in law a few times this summer and look forward to seeing her again Tues. We have been able to go see our Mich. daughter and grand boys and our teacher daughter.

Work on FRUEHOPIA Family Reunion is coming along. I bought 4 more T shirts and we have prizes a bunch! Pat is the welcoming committee, Jane and Geri are food committee, I am games committee. We are all doing planning and amassing stuff. I think we have around 40 coming so far. We will be emailing times and directions soon. Also, only those without email addresses will get cards with RSVP, time and directions.

It's a cloudy morning so the pool visit will wait until the afternoon. I think I'll transplant my profusion zinnias now.

Enjoy the day!