Thursday, May 27, 2010


I am finding my iphone so useful and easy to use. I have never used all the features offered on any of my other cell phones. This one is different. I see little icons like on the computer and that makes it easy to find things.
One of the best apps was suggested to me by the apple store tech. It's called Aroundme. It's free and wow does it offer some good stuff. On the way to Boo's there was a detour and it was taking us way out of the way. I hit aroundme app icon and it found me a gas station on the way back to a route I knew to Boo's house. Then in the middle of Amish country nature calls and again we need a facility. Aroundme found a station only one mile up the road we were traveling.
Finding restaurants is also easy. If we are in a different part of town and get hungry, just do aroundme and there they are! They also have hospitals, banks, atms, and just lots of other options.
I haven't bought any apps that aren't free yet. Boo gave us gift cards to buy some and I am thinking of buying a Spanish audio translator. The first one I found was just text and that doesn't help me know how to say the words. So I am looking for one that will speak the words. I saw one for 4.99 but haven't checked it out.
I have been taking pictures with it too. It is so fast on the shutter that my first shots were all blurry. I am getting better. The last shots of A. softball game were pretty good.
The one draw back seems to be the battery life. I have to keep it plugged in when I'm not using it. Which is different from my other cell phones.
You know the ipad is out and it looks like a giant iphone.
I will learn to do pictures here again soon.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Creative Jonesing

I decided to stop writing on Xanga. I don't really know why. I just couldn't think of anything that was interesting to others. Today I just want to write something or paint something or clean something. Geesh! where did that last part come from???
I put all the art stuff away for the summer and now I think I want to try a watercolor. I just don't want to unpack it all and set it all up again.
This is my writing jones. I feel like there is something I want to say but can't quite come up with it. Thus all these ramblings.
As for cleaning. The place is full of cobwebs! We have cathedral ceilings and windows and it takes a ladder to reach the high spots where the cobwebs are. I also need the rug shampooer to be fixed to clean the carpet.
Well, that's the writing jones taken care of. Now I just may clean the bathroom today.