Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mish Mash of Thoughts

I'm not sure I want to post to anywhere anymore. I need to write things down but I think a journal is going to be the way to go for me. I have been using a journal on and off since I got married. It has mostly unpleasant stuff. I wish I had put in more of the happy times. I think my sister Kathy and I were a like in that respect. Her poems were ususally sad or unhappy.

I had strange dreams of people from my past and places from the past last night. I was in Vermilion, ohio. I was in a gym for some ceremony. I was in the bleachers and I saw Mary Jankowski. We hugged and started talking about her kids. I told her I had talked to Beth on Facebook and ask if she was on. She said no that just wasn't something she had gotten into. She and Al were at this event because their son was getting something. I looked down to the stage area and saw Al. He waved. Then I was leaving and a sales rep with lots of packages snacks was in my way. I offered to help him get his stuff out and he gave me a couple of snack bags and put them in my carry bag. We walked outside. Then another segment.
I was in a beauty salon, also in Vermilion, I think. I was getting a new hairdo and cut and color. It seems we were looking for a color to match my hair. A light golden brown for highlights. Then I realized my hair wasn't brown anymore. I looked in the mirror and saw all my gray! So we decided to try wigs and hair swatches that may look good on me now. Weird. Then woke up.

I am off to tai chi class today.
Next week I am having back surgery for a compression fracture on the T12 vertebra. I am still having stomach troubles. Hoping the surgery will ease the back pain and maybe even the stomach.