Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Laptop

Erick Rohn, Amy Garrigan, Debby Page, Ryan behind Eric Garrigan, Carly Page. Big Fruetopians. I don't know how to put these pictures in order here.

This is the Fruetopia youth set. Gabe, Cary, Greg, Nate,Olivia, Amelia.

I just added this blog to my new laptop. It has been a trying week and I am glad it's over. I wanted to spend my days lulling by the pool but the weather is not agreeing with me. It's only up to about 72 and cloudy and windy. Beautiful day to be outside but not in the pool.

I have a new Printshop 23 program and want to make family reunion pictures. Not having much luck so I ask sister-in-law Jane to come over and give me lessons. She's been using this program for a while.

I feel I'm getting to old for all this stuff lately. Especially when I get frustrated trying to make something work.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I now have a new laptop and haven't put this web blog on it yet. My learning curve seems to get longer and longer. I get frustrated so easy now. I will eventually get this on the other computer.

The family reunion is over and all the Frueh women are glad. It was a great time and we had lots of fun, food and family. I have pictures Steve took and of course he isn't in any. Jane had one of him. I had wanted to get a picture of my whole clan but didn't get a chance to even tell anyone. So I only have random shots of the whole event.